Monday, May 5, 2008

Is It Just Me Or.....

Has anyone else noticed that America rewards mistakes, specifically when it comes to aid for school. Why is that I, 2 two-parent income being spread over multiple children and bills, can get absolutely NO financial aid from UC, but a girl who has a baby out of wedlock can, not only receive a welfare check she also:
  1. Receives Totally free tuition
  2. Free books for some
  3. Child support Check (For those few the system works for)
  4. A Huge REFUND CHECK (usually above $1100.00) from the government
  5. Work Stud eligible
  6. Gas Cards (for some)
  7. Medical coverage
  8. Cheap Rent
  9. Food Stamps

I am a hard-working young woman. I may not receive top of the class grades, but I do have good grades and I sincerely make an effort in all of my classes. I don't feel like I should have to have a baby just to get some help with school!

No offense to the young mothers out there bettering themselves- I am proud for you and your child. I'm only suggesting the the government also help us childless women... Now a child is a blessing; however, I know some of these young ladies got their children through unplanned pregnancies. Is that what it takes for me to get some help? I e-mail Onestop all the time, yet my "EFC is too high." My parents stretch to pay bills as do I. I would like some financial aid, but should I have to have a child just to receive this aid?...

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