Monday, July 14, 2008

She May Be Young But What A Wonderful Voice

I actually first heard her sing on her now finished sitcom, "Still Standing," and I've been a fan since. How talented and cultured she must be to belt out the smooth and spicy jazz tunes of the "good ol' days." Perhaps we finally have found a new little Ella Fitz. to satisfy our hunger for the music you here in a Louisiana lounge while sipping on a glass of too sweet lemonade. :-)

The CD I have pictured above is not the most recent one (it was released in 2004), but does happen to be my favorite. With tracks like Summertime, A Love That Will Last and Someone to Watch Over Me, this CD is sure to attract even a skeptical jazz lover. I also think that a fan of Norah Jones would like the CD as well, but that's just my opinion (and yes, I love Norah Jones).

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