Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Make Me Happy...

Praising God this morning. I started my day with much prayer and intercession, and I really do just feel filled with a joy and sort of peace that only He can give. Thank you Lord for blessing me with this great attitude today! Now lets just hope that I manage to keep it that way :-)

Work was awesome yesterday, as we had Kaleidoscope day- a day where many cultures get together to eat, dance and enjoy life! Famous Dave's and Big Daddies served up ribs, fish and chicken- and no, I did not partake of the "cook-out" food, but I did have a small dish of orange chicken and vegetables with rice. A Scottish man blew his bag pipes, a band rocked out and this wonderfully-in-shape woman danced on stage, get this: While hula-hooping! It was pretty fun.

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