Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 Glasses of Wine Later...

Lol the lyrics to I'm not a whore anymore inspired by *.*.* and sung by my sister is hilarious!!! I want to sing it to *.*.* to let her know that life can be refreshed for her still hahaha!!

2 glasses of wine and one piece of french toast later, I say to myself, hmmm.... I wonder what he's doing... Does he think about me as much as he drifts through my mind?? Probably not. He's a busy man. Then again, I'm fairly busy for a woman my age as well but he still manages to find space.

Another piece of french toast and one scrambled egg later, one sip of wine later... LoL at my ex texting me. Wants to know if we can go play pool. Nope nope, not doing that to myself again. Great abs though ha.

2 pieces of turkey bacon later... so what am I doing tonight??? Naming Bicycloalkenes, calculating Gibb's free energy you say? Yep, I say. so no fraternizing allowed. Thank you Lord for making all of this Organic finally click. Don't tell anyone but... <:whispering:> I actually like it :-)

Man I was pretty hungry ha.

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