Monday, October 27, 2008

All That's Left is Shadows...

And empty shell casings. In the words of N.E.R.D, A nightmare devoured my dreams. Sooner or later, I guess it does all come crashing down. And yes everyone is around. I can't look sad without someone bothering me. They circle around me, my emotions enduce a heat field about me. The predators with their fangs, their heat-sensing ability, they rush at me. Some smiling, some sneering, all with a common motive though- they are all hungry... They all want to feed. The girls, most of them just want gossip, hell most of them want him too lol. They run up to me like "girl, I just saw **** and she is not cute!; She was just a f*@* to him don't worry about it (Ha little do they know she was and is so much more ha)! Or Girl, he is not worth it you can do so much better!" I turn to them perplexed: I'm actually not smiling because its 8am, and I have an Organic chemistry class to attend- wouldn't that piss you off too? sheesh. The men, they are another breed. I see that look, it's an intrinsic glint a certain type all have in their eye- that "if-you-wanted-to-screw-me-right-here-and-now-I-would-go" look. I take note of that look and stay away yet keep one in my back pocket. He'll tell me about the others not knowing that he's also dispelling info on himself. Lol, I'm a clever clever little thing..

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