Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Almost Perfect Guy...

OMG he's ever so interested in everything!! He can't stand to hear me in pain. Never wants anyone to be rude to me (Snoop Dog- Beautiful ring any bells?). Won't let me be lazy. Constantly reminds me of all my goals, and offers to help me reach them (ha inside 1). LoL. He loves when I look good but never minds seeing me in my WG outfit and thinks I have that "sexy bedroom hair look" when I first wake up... lol. He loves it when I sing to him- which on purpose is rare really, normally I sing to myself and he overhears- but you all know I spit those lyrics off the daily (yeaaaa son! lol).

I hate to see him sad. His words can change my mood- never negative though; whenever I'm sad, he knows how to turn my frown upside down (lol corny I know). I love to see him flourishing in prosperity, and I love that we both love the Lord.

Yes, he sounds like my man right? Nope, a great friend. Irreplaceable even. He's better than strawberry-topped cheese cake and bubble baths on a rainy day- well maybe just the cheesecake haha.

Why isn't he my man you ask? Well It's simple, when he was ready, I wasn't. He's a bit older than me (No, N***, not that old, I'm a somewhat past that phase now lol), and I just couldn't handle it at the age that I was- too busy promo modeling and city hopping.

He's actually a little mad at me right now. He says, "How could you let him hurt you like that? You're so much better than that!!" My response: I live and I learn- I admit, it's a lesson I'd rather have never had to experience first hand, but I have now. All I can do is cherish what's left of me and let the rest flow as it will...

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