Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carrie and Big = * & I

I think perhaps I must make the decision Carrie Made. Leave him alone- totally. After the trip that is.

We'll let each other go (or so we'll think), but We'll never forget

He'll marry her or some other sub par bimbo and I will hear about it. Lol. I will cry, my friends will comfort me. He and I will see each other again, and for one awkward moment we'll both remember "they way we were." As our eyes lock, both of our spouses, mates, significant others or whatever will return from the bathroom or the valet service and smile that knowing smile: "so you're him/her..."

LoL Then he'll split with her. He'll reach out to me. I'll be with my endearing boyfriend still, but resisting will be hard. I'll slip into old habits (some die hard some never die at all). My fiance will leave me, and I'll think I have * to run to. Au Contraire, he'll break me down again. He and his wife will reconcile.

I will be heartbroken, not only because he failed me again, but because I failed someone too (my fiance who I cheated on for a man who didn't truly love me...yet).

Sounds insane, but we will meet again. Oh no, us meeting will not be insane, the fact that I will fall into old habits and expect different results is what will be insane.

In the end though, we will realize that we were meant for each other and no one else can fulfill what we fulfilled with each other. We may be the marrying kind and we might not- it doesn't matter to us as long as we're together.

Lol cute huh?

See here's the problem with my little extrapolated saga: The girl that he will most likely realize he can't be without, regardless of their status is *.*.*. I would probably be the wonderful wife (aka Natasha lol) that's getting cheated on and played. *.*.* will be the woman he falls for time and time again.

Ha what a beautiful little nightmare...

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