Monday, October 27, 2008

Grape Fizzy Please

Craving some grape soda for some reason. Ooo, grape soda and violets- what a combination.
He just made me smile. Lol, I don't think he's ever calmed me down 3 times in one message. He brought east coast in me, out. I try to keep her hidden, and I used to do a beautiful job at it. but lately she emerges through my barrier more and more easily. Oh yes, you know who- *. She belongs in a bedroom if there, she's far too b*tchy and attituded to be just out on the loose all of the time.

The other made me smile as well. He knows exactly what to say.. luckily I know exactly how to respond. I appreciate his attempts- sort of a needed boost at times, but I just can't. Too much baggage. Too much...everything. You know, even good things are bad in excess.

The library provided some much needed solitude. Ha, someone told me I looked cute in my WG fit. LOL! He knows he was lying and so was his cosigning friend. I even had on the scarf to complete it this time. Picture it: tan snow boots, tan cap, pink Victoria's secret sweats and a tan scarf. Plaid pea coat. Yes, it was nuts, but I needed to study (and vent frustrations apparently), and I did not feel like getting dressed just for this.

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