Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ex...

Ha, now this will be a twist from the typical ombabulating around the "new man," that I have been consumed with. Those who know me, know the one. The appellation, "Boyfriend" was so foreign and just impossible for him lol. Well, he's calling again, and honestly I'm lost as to why? I mean yes, if he's on fire, I'll wet him (tee hee hee :-)). No really, he can get something if he truly needs it, but all the calls are a No Go. Matter fact, switch that, he has a green light to keep it moving. I'm not sure what he wants, but I don't even need the stress right now.

Case and Point:
I am dealing with a lot right now from the current situation.
I had been cogitating over whether to e-mail him (I miss talking to him so much) or to continue not speaking to him (I am pissed with him beyond belief).

Suddenly, I get a message (usually at this hour, it's him)... My stomach turned, but I cracked a half smile. I got "angry butterflies" so to speak :-)

It wasn't him... it was "The Ex": Hey Honey, I just saw a pic of u girl. you always were the prettiest one.

W-T-F!!! F = a very hard FUDGE LoL. I always was the "prettiest one????!!!" Out of how many you jerk?! lol
I smiled, like "aww he thinks I look nice," but the grimace followed soon because I don't need this $#*!. I don't need him bringing up old memories- whether they be good or bad. He and I are so over that, in the words of Ms. Bradshaw (or should I say Mrs. Big lol), "We need a new word for over!"

Thus, aside from squabbling with myself over my current situation, I was left to think about what his butt could possibly want and why he thinks calling twice in a row each day will get the job done?

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