Friday, October 31, 2008

"Not Only Slowing But Shrinking"

Recently, In was perusing through the paper, when I realized that I had not even paid attention to the front headline. Upon reading, I discovered that not only are the politicos officially admitting to that we are in a decline, they now think the economy is actually shrinking! Now, that is something that fluttered through my mind within the past month, but I never imagined it would actually be announced. According to the NY Times, consumer spending has significantly dipped for the first time in 17 years. The Enquirer says two more quarters of shrinkage = RECESSION.

Astonishing as this sounds are we surprised? Honestly, I can barely tell the difference between middle class and lower class these days. Government funding for education is at an all time low, thus both classes of people are struggling to pay those tuition bills. What does this say for our children, our future? America has an infrastructure such that higher education is necessary to acquire a well paying job. Unless, you are part of that "Good Ol' boy" club, wherein you are set for life by default. As for us "normal" folk, we still have to work our way up the career ladder- whatever path that may be. I must admit, it makes me weary. If the average American has no access to college, no access to funds, how will the successive generations have a chance to flourish?

I hope with a new presidential cabinet will come better financial choices and some type of long term solution to this problem...

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