Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reading Politico, Chocolate Milk Saturdays

Oh my my my what a sad day in the stock market, both US and internationally. As I read of their plummets and of panic setting in (Politico is a wonderful paper), I smile... The end of days, and I still don't have my ish together. Now, this was not a "hahaha lol teeheehee" smile. More of a, I-have-had-so-many-years-to-get-it-together-what-else-can-I-do-but-smile-at-my-own-fallacies smile. I will though. I am working diligently to change the outcome of things. However, going along with game theory, in some situations, I have been making the best decision for that situation, not necessarily the best decision in general.

I need a drink. Or maybe not, taking the edge off would be great, but I am also studying for Organic Chemistry. Can't name bicycloalkanes and be drunk at the same time. So I opt for a tall glass of chocolate milk instead. After the first sip, a cold drop drips down my chin. I look in the mirror and before I wipe it off- "Got Milk" pops into my head. "Snap!" Had to savour the moment.I suppose I shall return to my Politico now- This "Powell Dropping a Hammer on McCain" story is actually quite intriguing.

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