Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anxious, Excited... Sick

I have so many emotions swirling and mixing right now. I can barely even write this. While feverishly watching CNN, so many thoughts are going through my mind. The projected wins are being played at the bottom of the screen. Looks like Ohio made the best decision lol. If McCain wins, grad school overseas will be my only option. I want to go with friends to watch the results, but I feel sick- physically sick. I believe I might be coming down with a cold. My first of the season. As long as it's gone by December 17, I don't care. I am ready for a change. I believe that Obama's presidency would not only change America but change the African-American culture as a whole. Black men would have an admirable male figure to look up to. Barack & Michelle are the perfect power couple. The nuclear black family could return- the idea of having a "baby mama" could possibly be extricated from being one of our norms. Barack has a strong sense of family and that could be just the catalyst we need- a wonderful example of what a marriage in God can be like. His influence just by running in this election is palpable at least. Young black people, that I have never before seen interested in politics, know what the issues are and know where Obama stands on them. He has induced a sense of passion and urgency in them- aroused what was once jaded. Minds that were one manacled by words like "Can't" are now free to imagine possibilities- what can be more beautiful than that, the ability to fantasize...

Many years ago Franklin P. Adams stated, "Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody." I feel like he has been proved wrong in this current election. Of course, many black people are voting against McCain, but I truly believe they are more so voting FOR Obama. People like him, they appreciate what he represents in life, not just politically.

More to come...

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