Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flip It On The Womanizer

1. Never give him your heart.

2. When he says "we," he doesn't mean you and him. He means himself... and his ****!

3. Don't let him tell you that he's okay with his friend's hitting on you because "it tests you." If a man cares about you, he should expect his friends to respect you two's relationship. You are not a tool with which he can flex his pride when (or if lol) you reject his friends.

4. Have sex, Do Not make love with him. His feelings are never as deeply invested as yours might be.

5. Don't confuse a full night with him as romance- his other girl was probably just busy that night.

6. At dinner make sure to offer to pay and pull your card out. That way he knows he's not playing with a rookie. You're no groupie. You don't need his money.

More to come... must study now...

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