Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Have Officially Voted!!

I voted and it felt lovely. Surprising even myself, I teared up a bit as I reviewed the candidates and blackened the box next to Barack Obama's name. This entire election is so dynamically life-changing. The fact that a Black Man has even made it as a MAJOR candidate in America is an amazing feat in and of itself. Through all of the struggles, we've made it. I am sad to admit that before December, 2007. I had not had that much pride in this African half of my heritage. So many flaws I was pointing out. Oh I respected Us, I loved us, but pride? That was an entirely different issue for me. Lately, so much negative within our race had been occurring that that's all I was focusing on. I am so proud that we have made it this far. I am proud to have the multi-shaded skin that covers me (lol inside joke to ALL of my friends). I pray for our society as a people. That we continue to progress and not regress. That we preserve our culture and not continue to corrupt it.

I am smiling to myself, watching CNN neurotically and eating a carrot Stick.


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