Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Warmth

He is still familiar. We kicked it like old days, and believe me it's been years. Attraction is high, then again, so is risk. We care for each other- being friends for this long, who wouldn't? I am still not sure about things though. Waitress made a great point:

I want a man that can hold me for twenty minutes straight, without wanting or needing anything in return. Without wanting sex or even a kiss. One that will try nothing at a moment that he realizes that I am vulnerable and hurting... Yes, he will hold me but what about the other stipulations? I am not sure if he can provide this for me. Oh he listens to me, every little thing- he can repeat :-) I love that, because, sometimes, I ramble. He laughs at my funny jokes and teases me for the not so funny ones. We have fun together, and who needs a therapist's couch when he provides me with 3am WalMart runs? LoL...

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