Monday, April 27, 2009

My Own Show.Time.

I need a man whose words aren't shifting like the sand
under my feet
I need. I need. I need
Stability Mobility Security.
I refuse. To love. In Chains. ...

See, I was just a normal girl; till I
met this guy
love was just a 4 letter fantasy of the
weak, rarely crossing my mind
until you. you,
You crept down my axons, sent
a firing of potentials I never could have never was prepared
for These feelings. These emotions. This pain
consumes me when I observe the way
It ceases to consume you.
I need. I need. I need
Your heart. That piece of you
that you own of me
I cannot stand this
Inequality. You always Restricting me
Like Cinque I scream
Give. Us. Free.
I refuse. To love. In chains. ...

I need a man who can handle me
when I'm happy.sad.slightlycrazy,
Not afraid to let his emotions Be
I need. I need. I need
something that's real
Exposed. Raw. Free.
A real that's not ashamed to show
you care deeply
Lets go of Inhibition Opposition Limitation
I Refuse. To Love. In Chains.

As was stated in the message, this poem is NOT completely personal. Though connected to it, it does NOT represent me... ::N. Furtado- Showtime...:: is the inspiration, and it's release a few years ago prompted this work.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blame It On The... Pink Cashmere...

Too bad I'm not an alcoholic... If you've been here from the beginning then you read my "Cashmere. Panties. and Champagne." Poem... I found the perfect Drink for my "Pink" haha-Nuvo... Sip up ladies :-)