Monday, April 27, 2009

My Own Show.Time.

I need a man whose words aren't shifting like the sand
under my feet
I need. I need. I need
Stability Mobility Security.
I refuse. To love. In Chains. ...

See, I was just a normal girl; till I
met this guy
love was just a 4 letter fantasy of the
weak, rarely crossing my mind
until you. you,
You crept down my axons, sent
a firing of potentials I never could have never was prepared
for These feelings. These emotions. This pain
consumes me when I observe the way
It ceases to consume you.
I need. I need. I need
Your heart. That piece of you
that you own of me
I cannot stand this
Inequality. You always Restricting me
Like Cinque I scream
Give. Us. Free.
I refuse. To love. In chains. ...

I need a man who can handle me
when I'm happy.sad.slightlycrazy,
Not afraid to let his emotions Be
I need. I need. I need
something that's real
Exposed. Raw. Free.
A real that's not ashamed to show
you care deeply
Lets go of Inhibition Opposition Limitation
I Refuse. To Love. In Chains.

As was stated in the message, this poem is NOT completely personal. Though connected to it, it does NOT represent me... ::N. Furtado- Showtime...:: is the inspiration, and it's release a few years ago prompted this work.

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