Friday, August 21, 2009

A Summer of Progress

I ended up receiving All A's (A+'s in fact) in all of my summer abroad classes. Unfortunately, my university only accepts Study Abroad grades on a pass/fail basis. BUT, the grades will show up on my transcript even if they Don't affect the good ol' gpa. I still have one class left- that I took directly through my school. I think I have a B+ in there :(. I have an A on every exam, but I suck at participating in blackboard discussions. LoL.

In short people, my summer was beautiful. I recognized some elements of my personality- both good and bad. That sounds neutral right? Wrong. What it was...What it is... is beauty. I recognize my flaws and my strengths. Since I have knowledge of both of these things, I can proactively work on myself. I'm happy about that. I also discovered that I do have the capacity to * this summer. Now what exactly that means, I'm not sure. Right now, I'm happy being confused.informed.spontaneous. Clarity is always beauty... even when it hurts.

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