Sunday, September 13, 2009

Impregnate Yourself...Or Turn It Off : Trey Songz - Ready

The new album, Ready, by Trey Songz dropped on September 1, 2009. I must say, I have NEVER been a big Trey Songz fan, but this album completely turned me out (lol). With sensual sounds reminiscent of the (once) great R. Kelly, this young artist has mastered "Baby Makin" music like a pro... at least my kind of baby makin' music. With the situation me and mines are in, I had to stop myself from listening to it on more than one occasion (to avoid self-impregnating lol). Even his intro- Panty Droppin'... Mm Mm Mm, had a sweet girl like me thinking all kinds of terrible thoughts! Give it a listen. My favorite tracks, thus far, are 2. Neighbors Know My Name 3. Invented Sex 6. Does He Do It, 9. Ready to Make Luv, and 10. Jupiter Love. I actually liked some others, but can't go giving him a big head :-) Now one track I absolutely hate is #8 - Lol :-). Yea, I know, I should clearly love it, since I love emoticons and "LoL"-ing, but I don't. Hate it. Great album overall; I'm impressed. If it wasn't for the danger to my sanity, this album would be on constant repeat.
Oh and PS.: He's been working out I see :-)

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