Sunday, September 13, 2009

Uuuggghhh!! UC Screws Me Yet Again...

Student Financial Aid (sfao) to me show details 12:46 PM (1 hour ago)

Dear S, The federal loans may only be divided up evenly between 3 quarters. We cannot allow you to take more than the 1/3 that you are already receiving.

Student Financial Aid Office
513-556-9171 (Fax)
One Stop Student Service Center

The above email is the response I received from the University of Cincinnati regarding having more than the allotted 1/3 of my financial for Autumn quarter- my final quarter of school. I'm a graduating senior, and 1/3 of my $7,100 is only $2364. A full quarter at school is over $3,000. That doesn't even include books. Thanks a lot Ohio, that's about another $1,500 I will need. What I don't understand is this- a Stafford loan is unsubsidized and just that, a LOAN. Why do they care how much money I get per quarter when I have to pay it back with interest anyway?! ::Sigh:: such Bullsh*t.

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