Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why "Correction" You Say?

I feel like God has blessed me tremendously within this past yr. I have the love of my life (and he has me lol). I travel at my leisure. My Medical School Future looks quite bright (I'd make a Melanie.from.The.Game. reference, but that would be so cliche). :) My hair is wonderfully healthy and growing (I'll post a pic, it's already grown out of my cut and to my shoulders). However, I feel like I'm not giving enough to Him with the way I live my life. I harbor unforgiveness toward some people. I hold disdain for a few people, and I just don't praise and thank Him enough. I need to get my priorities back in order. I think one issue is that my spiritual accountability partner and I haven't been communicating enough because we have both been traveling. Anyone want to fill the position? haha, no seriously, I really need accountability in my life. Also, any ideas on how to get my priorities back in order? Obviously, I'm making efforts on my own, but I could use your suggestions.


  1. I feel the same way, whole heartedly. I think that getting priorities straight is a first and foremost. I recommend praying and asking HIM what do You want me to do and meditate and listen. To keep the blessings coming you must continue to give him praise.

    I also recommend journaling what you believe your prioirties are and then ask yourself Does this fall in line what God wants for me?"

    Then again, I need to be taking this advice myself..

    Much love and great post

  2. i feel you mami. i have been through so much bad in some cases all at once but my life is taking a turn for the better and i never gave thanks or prayed before. all that is going to change, my mother asked me if i ever prayed just a couple of days a go, when i told her no she was upset. so we prayed together and it felt great. good luck to you and i know you don't need it. and i need an invite to the fab wedding lol