Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Men, Do You Really Find Bisexual Women More Attractive?

Lately, I’ve noticed a surge in the amount of women who identify themselves as bisexual… Oops, scratch that, actually I’ve noticed a lot of women who engage in sexual activity with women yet don’t think of themselves as bisexual – why is that, what is “bisexual” these days? (LoL, Don’t answer that, that’s entirely different post).

Anyway, I’ve specifically noticed this trend in women of color. With the fast success of rappers like Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz asking for which 2 ladies wanna come home with him, it’s become “Sexy” for women to be openly attracted to other women. Please don’t take this tone as judgmental. I’m just wondering why it’s now so acceptable in the minority community for women to be attracted to other women. Actually, I lied… My real focus for this paragraph is on the men. Men, do you really find it sexy? I used to think that many only liked to play with women who chose to have this type of fun, but I’ve been seeing quite a few of them get locked down by some pretty nice men (snicker.snicker). My next question is Men, would you “wife” a woman who perhaps, doesn’t date women, but just engages in occasional sexual escapades with them? Would you take her seriously, or just look at her as a fun toy for the moment? (Theme song for this paragraph: Young Dro- My Girl Gotta Girlfriend).

This section is for my ladies. Ladies, I know you can’t honestly be dumb enough to allow your sexuality to be influenced by the latest rapper that’s getting way too much play time on the radio (I’m not hating, I *heart* Ms. Minaj...and I'm educated.. So Sue me b*tchs lol) However, if rappers like Lil Wayne and T.I. didn't glorify girl-on-girl play, would you still find it so interesting? Is it a ploy to get more men on the team, or do you really like to indulge in the occasional kitty session (sorry, I’m blunt. If you don’t like it… *Kanye shrug*)? I don’t want this to come off as racially offensive, (ha, there’s enough white in my family to fill every Republican vote in the House- LoL another bad joke, especially since I, myself, hold MANY Republican views, sorry I can be a real b*tch) but I’ve heard many black women say that such behavior was characteristic of the TWG aka Typical.White.Girl. Comments like “you know white girls get drunk and kiss each other,” used to be common (songs like Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl were often used as hardcore evidence). Who would have thought that all the little chicks making such comments were running home and heading into 69’s while their boyfriend’s watched? Tsk. Tsk. *Note* here, I’m not judging what you do with your man, I’m a HUGE advocate of #freakbehavior with your lover (haha); the judgment is for all the women who made the aforementioned comments when they were secretly in deep thought about the last taste of cherry chapstick they’d had…

Just in case you guys thought I was kidding, here are some articles that have noticed this little trend I’ve chosen to blog about. I’d like everyone to share their thoughts in a mature manner. I refuse to judge anyone’s lifestyle, and if you do disagree with it, you better damn well find a respectful way to say it in your comment. But I must say… if this topic offends you, you prrrooobbaaabblllyyy shouldn’t keep reading my blog- eggshells just aren’t my thing. *Besos*


Girls.Just.Wanna.Have.Fun :-)


  1. I had a bisexual girlfriend back in Cleveland and she refused to do anything bisexual in front of me so it was a waste. My attitude is whatever my lady did before she met me is her business. So I wouldn't have a problem with it.

  2. Men, would you “wife” a woman who... engages in occasional sexual escapades with them? Would you take her seriously...

    For some men that would be an ideal chick to settle down with, because of the freedom of it all.

    I think the idea for a man comes down to being in control and the idea that a woman will go to any length to please him. Also there is probably apart of the male brain that is stimulated by seeing girl on girl play. However, all relationships are subject to definitions are lines. So I think when people engage in three p it's a balancing act to make sure all parties are satisfied with what they got out of the equation. Some men engaged in poly-fidelity/ open relationships might also be at ease with a women who play because that allow him the freedom to not be tied down sexually or emotionally, because his woman is being satisfied by another woman. Because the lover doesn't have a penis, and sometimes engages in play with him too, he naturally would feel less threatened. However, at what point would jealousy take hold? Is there need for full disclosure? As alluring as the picture looks and the idea of 3P, I'm not sure the simple desire of a three-some will ever outweigh the complexity of it all. At least not on the regular.

  3. Damn that picture is hot tho. I take back everything I just said, lol.

  4. "I'm not sure the simple desire of a three-some will ever outweigh the complexity of it all. At least not on the regular."

    I think you're right to a certain degree. "Complex" is a very relative term. What I may view as complex, you may view as simple and vice versa. I would like to know though... where would such a man draw the line as far as jealousy goes? A man who doesn't mind a bi-sexual woman that is.

    And yea, that pic is pretty sweet lol.

  5. like the post. to insert my humble female opinion, i think men have probably always joined lipstick-lesbian girl-on-girl. i also think they see threesomes as a regular item on the sex menu, versus a possibility in the distant future when both parties are bored.

    after kissing a girl and a tranny (alcohol + boredom + gross men + summer heat), i wondered if i was bi. i decided that i'm heteroflexible. for a lot of women, sexuality is more flexible. i didn't really enjoy said kisses, but you'd never see two dudes making out because they were bored. also, salma hayek could get it.

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