Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I know I'm supposed to be giving you all a real post at this point, but I just had to rant on my hair shrinkage! As many of you know, I cut my hair last year, and again this year. Well, due to protective styling and less idiotic handling by people (mainly myself), it's growing back just fine... However, the shrinkage KIILLLSSS me. Not softly either! Check it out. I was washing my hair when I took these. I had just taken down 2 of my lil' twists in the first pic.

*Sigh* I will be so glad when my curly hair gets this length, or at least close to it. I hate straightening.


  1. yesss i hate the shrinkage!!!
    im in the process of transitioning to natural so i have to straighten my hair. if i dont, i can either wear a pony tail(and look a mess) or wear my hair down and half of it is straight and half is nappy(and look a mess). so i just straighten it when i know im going somewhere i want to look cute.
    but yes, the shrinkage hills me and its going to continue to kill me until me hair grows really long like it was before.

  2. it look good to me boo, it hard going natural... i know the feeling ha ha ha my sis has the same issue but it will get there in time! love ya!