Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update Before the Update- Short Rant

I have a new post coming directly after this one, but first let me go on a short rant:

Please stop sending me messages about my statuses/posts offending you, unless I have truly said something crazy (which is quite possible because it is ME we are talking about). Although some claims have been legitimate, others have been plain childish- simple misunderstandings of my brand of humor (straight no chaser lol). If you don't like what I say, delete me. It is that simple. However, for you to have the audacity to try to tell me how I should deal with my experiences, how I should react to them, and what I should say about them on a public forum, on an account registered to ME, is simply absurd. My statuses and my blog are my outlet for MY interpretation of MY experiences. Instead of getting offended, why don't you try to logically and maturely enlighten me on how I may be misinterpreting something? And this is not just about the things I write about Korea. I have people write me often, regarding things I say on women, men and relationships.

As far as my feelings on Korea go, I feel that communication lines between foreigner and Korean have become grossly twisted. I am open to having a large group discussion where people can discuss their likes/dislikes, qualms and misunderstandings. Would anyone else be up for this?

Shoot me an e-mail/msg/comment/whatever.


  1. I totally understand your feeling and of course a "commenters" viewpoint would be that it is on an open wall or we are friends on FB, blog, youtube, myspace, etc... So I (they) should be able to comment as they feel free. I understand that, but here is where I have an issue with it.. FB has a "like" button NOT a "dislike" button. Feel free to disagree with me, but don't change my words, become petty, and change my viewpoint. Comment and disagree as you like, but make sure that your discussion is valid with the status. That is my 2 cents/sense... I hope that it also made sense. Last but not least, like you said and I like I've often said... "if you dont like me hit the "X"!" and keep the party movin'!

  2. here's my 2cents n 2words for them fools, babygirl... n excuse my tone of "french"...

    FUCK YOU!!!!
    sorry girl... it just came out. :)