Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Not Promised.

You know, it's truly astonishing for me to see how young people these days still feel that sense of invincibility, and treat life like it's nothing. That carefree attitude that nothing bad can happen... simply because they are young. A friend lost his sister to cancer today- his young sister. When I say young, I mean under age 30. I don't see how young people today could feel so distant from death and turmoil because the internet has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives.

As soon as I saw the FB update, I said to myself, "Oh No! Please don't let it be who I think it was!"... I searched.

My point in the above is simple- these days you don't have to read the "Obituaries" section of the newspaper to find out who died. Log on to your favorite social networking site, and it's right there, in your face. Not only the ease of access, but when the deceased person also has a profile/account on the site, you get to see just how many lives they touched. How different it is, to see photos of someone, laughing. smiling. living; than to simply read about who they left behind and who loved them. For goodness sakes, this girl JUST took a smiling picture of herself. That boy was JUST photographed at a party with his friends. They were all vibrant... until they weren't. Seeing these photos of someone with a vivid life, viewing the comments left about them, the memories... My gosh, how can you not appreciate your life more!? How can you not realize that the next day isn't promised?

So people, I say to you with a somber heart this morning, please stop taking life for granted. Who knows when you won't have the choice to do so anymore.. R.I.P. B.D. May God bless your family with a peace that surpasses any earthly understanding.

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