Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ummm... Google Talk... What Happened?

This will be random and quick. I just want to know why Google, a company who seems to pride themselves on innovation, refuses to update the Google Talk chat client? I love it, but the mobile and desktop apps have not been updated in forever. The "in the lab version" was just abandoned and no longer works for most people. I'm not even sure why the download link is still available for it.

I hate that there's no option to "Email chat" as there is with other messengers. It leaves me wondering... Will they ever include the new and cool features of some other chat clients? Will they EVER allow us to decide when we want to be seen as "Idle?" Will Now & Laters ever NOT stick to my teeth? Okay...sorry, got a little off topic there, but you get my point. The mobile app signs itself out on many phones all of the time, it has an outdated look, and well... it's just poo. I use it, but it's poo. Believe me.

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