Monday, February 11, 2013

Henna Loves Me: Ayurvedic Hennna Treatment

I promised another post was soon to come and here it is! About 2 weeks ago I decided to do an Ayurvedic Henna treatment on my hair. I decided to use a sort of...mega mix. :-)

Here's what I used (I wish I could give amounts but, I'm lazy  I sort of just tossed things in:
  • 1 part Cassia - 2 parts organic red Egyptian Henna
  • Amla powder
  • Brahmi powderr
  • Ground ginger
  • Ground cloves
  • Hibiscus powder
  • Marshmallow root powder
  • Vatika oil
  • Raw honey
  • Distilled water
How I used all that:
  • While the water boiled, I sectioned my hair into fours and twisted it.
  • I added all of the above ingredients in a bowl and then added the boiling water to it. 
  • I stirred for a while, then let it cool until it would be a safe temperature to put on my head. I wore plastic gloves while I applying it with an applicator brush (the same kind one would use to apply color).
  • After applying it generously to my scalp and hair, I covered with a plastic cap....and left. I ended up leaving it on for about 3 hours. You, by no means, need to leave it on so long- 30 min to an hour should do.

Looks like poop on my hair LOL
  • This mixture (really henna period) can be very time consuming to rinse out completely. I ran my head under the faucet of the bathtub for a while (it looks so gross rinsing out, liken to mud).
  • I then did a 30 minute deep conditioning treatment under my steamer (any moisturizing deep conditioner should work).

The 2 top pictures are with no flash or editing of any kind. My hair looks really shiny!

  • Finally, I rinsed everything out in the shower. There was still a LOT left over from the henna treatment

Again, top 2, no flash. The bottom 2 have flash. You can see a bit of color deposit. And no I don't have a bald spot, just the way it's parted, plus flash, plus product on it.

I know all of that sounds like a lot of work, but I really love the sheen my hair has now. It also feels a lot stronger. I didn't have a preference for color deposit or not, but if you want the conditioning and strengthening effects of henna without the color deposit, you can use this same recipe without the henna, hibiscus powder (enhance the red color) and cloves (can deposit a brown color).

I had to cut off quiiiiittteee a bit of hair in September (I'm talking multiple inches.) In these photos, I can't remember if the top photo is right before or right after my cut, but the bottom one is where it is now. Sorry these aren't better quality, but I wasn't expecting to do this post when they were taken, and my hair is currently in a protective style. I think the bottom pic shows a little progress- in the top pic, it stopped right at my shirt, now it goes past it- what do you think?

I purchased all of the above ingredients, with the exception of the vatika oil, honey and water, from: Butters-n-Bars.
Vatika oil was purchased from a local Indian grocer, and I'm sure yours would have it as well. If not, there's always Amazon. :-)
The raw honey was purchased from a local Farmer's Market (always support small farmers when you can!)