Thursday, January 31, 2008

Me Myself and I

Well, aside from a few inappropriate comments (which I deleted- that was private, send me a text lol), I guess I'm the only one interested in my thoughts. Which is fine, because I feel like too many people feel the need to share their opinion with me throughtout the day anyway. At least I have an unjudged outlet on here so far. However, I once heard that other's people's "10 cents" could help mirror back a healthier and more realistic image of oneself (or one's thoughts)... I'm not sure of the validity of that in this particular situation but it definitely has helped me in the past.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It Comes In So Many Forms...

It really does: Infidelity in a Marriage... Taking credit for a project your favorite co-worker completed... or how I recently experienced it- a "friend" shows that they were truly never a friend at all. In my case all could have been forgiven if it weren't for that smug phone call last month, what a ***** lol only jesting, but seriously. She knows she's wrong...
Sometimes broken bridges must be kissed and blown away.

On a Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow

Hmmm... a test to study for in every class. Now ya see why I never go anywhere? Now, a question I've been posing to myself- It's a big one. How do I feel about betrayal? Perhaps before I ask the question I should pose a more important preliminary one: What is betrayal- a general or relative term? I mean, some betrayal is obvious, blatant. But other, given the person's personality, are just expected- so is it really betrayal or were they just being themselves? Take my recent situation, A woman (maybe girl in this case) whom I called friend for years now had a situation blow up and the many cover ups (aka lies) she had been telling came to the light. Now, when I sit back and look at our relationship, all the negative things that closer friends and family had been telling me about her became so real, so clear to me. In the year of 2007, I can't even remember ONE time she asked the simple question of "how are you?"!!! So, when at the end of 2007, the not so innocent little personality of hers emerged, should I have really been surprised??

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cashmere Panties & Champagne

A knock on my door sends
My mind into shock
Rushing to gather the folds of my robe, I answer
Sensual, trying too hard.
He notices, performs
His eyes say give me more, his smile draws
me in
A smile that could turn any woman's
favorite lingerie into too much
Enter, Chill
Sip on this
Casual Nothings & Sweet everythings get
The more he talks, the deeper the
Reservoir in my pink cashmere becomes.
Can't take this tension, edge closer
Pretend to listen....

hmmm... how should I end this one? any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day One Begins the End

Being that it's colder than some cryogenic liquid outside, my evening plans are slowly slipping away. An extremely cute sweater dress was purchased- red, off the thigh high boots.... it would have been great except, I'm just not in the mood to freeze for fashion today (a bulky coat really doesn't go with the outfit). Suppose I'll just stay in and type this chem report.

This has been my thought process for the past year. I feel like my social life is a distant memory.. Is there anything to do tonight?...