Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quantum Entanglement: Physics Gets Me...

It's truly a shame that I'm not naturally good at Physics; that I don't naturally understand Physics. Because, Physics truly does get me. I'm currently reading Michio Kaku's Physics of the Impossible. It discusses how the laws of quantum theory actually could allow for inventions that make up the stuff of science fiction movies and T.V. programs. When discussing Einstein's EPR experiment, he discusses a concept that so adequately describes what I wish everyone could see, understand. I call it the ripple effect; movies refer to it as the "Butterfly Effect"; Physics calls it "Quantum Entanglement." I'd like to get back to my book, so I'll type the excerpt out for you, and bid you adieu:

"...two electrons are 'entangled,' that is, their wave functions beat in unison, their wave functions are connected by an invisible "thread" or umbilical cord. Whatever happens to one automatically has an effect on the other. (This means, in some sense, that what happens to us automatically affects things instantaneously in distant corners of the universe...)..."

I see so much beauty in this concept. Growing up, I was told we're all God's children, all connected in love, each our "brother's keeper."  And, I love when science coincides with my other beliefs (please don't ask what they are). We're connected at an atomic level, bound together by the waves of our electrons. Maybe if people would realize this, that every decision we make, truly does impact another life, a little of the hate in this world, could be replaced with a little love. <3

I hope this made some science nerd out there, other than me, smile. It's not often I get a moment like this, and they truly serve to remind me why I studied science in school (why I'm continuing to study it, in fact). It's majestic... even if it does put me on the brink of insanity more often than not.

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