Tuesday, May 6, 2008

在夏天 - 曹方 - 听好音乐 有好心情 | 好听音乐网

在夏天 - 曹方 - 听好音乐 有好心情 好听音乐网

Here is a link to In Summer by Cao Fang.

Loving Cao Fang

I'm sure many people have already checked her out, but I love Cao Fang's music. A sensual yet spicey mix of lyrics that will tease your tympanic membrane and arouse your senses. Her one song, Secret Gift, actually reminds me of a Sade song. Once I can figure out how to post it the song, I will. Another song of hers that I love is In Summer... Beautiful, serene...

Bermuda Heritage

I had to post the beautiful Bermuda flag.. The flag of my heritage, my mother's culture. What a Beautiful place. Anyone having the privilege to visit there should drink it in... it is intoxicating. My mother's side of the family originates here, and I could not be more proud....
Maybe this is why I embrace the U.K. more often than the U.S. Lol.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Is It Just Me Or.....

Has anyone else noticed that America rewards mistakes, specifically when it comes to aid for school. Why is that I, 2 two-parent income being spread over multiple children and bills, can get absolutely NO financial aid from UC, but a girl who has a baby out of wedlock can, not only receive a welfare check she also:
  1. Receives Totally free tuition
  2. Free books for some
  3. Child support Check (For those few the system works for)
  4. A Huge REFUND CHECK (usually above $1100.00) from the government
  5. Work Stud eligible
  6. Gas Cards (for some)
  7. Medical coverage
  8. Cheap Rent
  9. Food Stamps

I am a hard-working young woman. I may not receive top of the class grades, but I do have good grades and I sincerely make an effort in all of my classes. I don't feel like I should have to have a baby just to get some help with school!

No offense to the young mothers out there bettering themselves- I am proud for you and your child. I'm only suggesting the the government also help us childless women... Now a child is a blessing; however, I know some of these young ladies got their children through unplanned pregnancies. Is that what it takes for me to get some help? I e-mail Onestop all the time, yet my "EFC is too high." My parents stretch to pay bills as do I. I would like some financial aid, but should I have to have a child just to receive this aid?...