Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: The Arrival

The happy traveler did prove to be very useful. There was not long line at customs, and we ended up going right through. I'd expressed before that I didn't know if I would hug * or what... The or what is what scared me. He was in a rush to get to work, and my second bag took forever to come off of the luggage carousel. As I grabbed my second bag, I realized, this would be it.

There he is. I say a brief hello. I can tell he's nervous. I'm nervous too, but it's obvious that I have the upper hand. We stand together waiting for the bus to come, and then it happens.
In his friendly "Idon'treallyknowwhattosay" voice, "Heyyyyyy There! C'mere." He gives me a hug. I don't know if I want to stay strong or if I want to give in, let my knees buckle and fall into his arms.
His heart is beating so fast, so intensely, that I can feel it when he hugs me.
I decide to stay strong. "Emotions are for the weak ," I say to myself.
He lets me hear a new song he's been working. Cute enough (and therefore lame enough) we shared his iPod for the listen. A few brief words exchanged but not many. I praised my body for not betraying me at this point, not cracking too many smiles.
Well, we get to his job, and thankfully, he has to go right in to work.
I get time to think, to sort out this swirl of emotions. And what a swirl it is...

Quote Of The Day

"Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Might Be A CrackBerry Too!

Check the article out at the link below!

After reading the article I feel even more proud to stand up and say, My name is Honey, and I.Am.A.Crack.Berry. :-)

Our new president refused to let go of his beloved BlackBerry when he took office.

"Don't say that in front of my BlackBerry!"

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The Rich Couple & The Friendly Traveler:
Now the title I’ve given them may sound a bit egregious but, they were actually very sweet and approachable. Older, probably in their sixties, one with graying red hair, the other totally grey and wispy. I noticed that they were placed on the stand-by list two ranks above me. I was sad about this, but I will still number 7 on the list, still hopeful. I think people in an airport, at the same gate, wanting the same thing must develop an automatic sense of camaraderie. I don’t mind this. Although I was not necessarily in the mood to talk, I think I needed to- my stomach was beginning to turn.
“How long have you been waiting,” she politely asks me, a warm smile. I can tell she is someone’s wonderful grandmother.
“I have been waiting for a little over two hours. They are saying they don’t know if they can fit us all due to a weight and balance problem on the plane.” I volunteer the stand-by list I was given, and they smile. Since they have worked for the airline company since 2000, they are bumped above 3 other people on the list, including me.
“This was last minute for us. We just got put on the list. We were trying to go to Tokyo, but the plane was too full.”
I noticed that although they are not dressed in flashy clothing or gaudy jewelry, they are rich. One can just tell. Not “Hilton” rich, but wealthy enough. The husband is one of those men that doesn’t wear his sense of entitlement without proper merit. He has worked for the finer things in his life, he has possibly reached the top of his game, and now he and his wife are enjoying the fruits of their labour.
“Oh,” I say, “my mother works for the airline, and she tells me they have 12 seats open. We should all be able to fit.” I say this more to reassure myself than to reassure them. They will be fine. This juncture also happens to be where the friendly traveler makes his appearance.
“The amount of seats doesn’t really matter, it’s an issue of balancing the plane’s weight, but I hope we can all get on.” I turn around, not only to see who has decided to throw in their $.10, but also to see who this person is with the oddly kind voice. When I do, I see dusty blonde hair, glasses, and, as expected, a very kind face. One could tell from his demeanor, even his posture that he “would not hurt a fly.” I instantly liked him, not in the flirtatious sense, but in the way one is attracted to people that exude such a pleasant spirit like he did.
“Yea, I keep forgetting that. I still hope we can all make it on.” I am nervous again; then I noticed that the CSR has called the top name on the list. We all wait to see who approaches the counter, but no one does. We all smile at each other, knowing that none of us is too upset over his missing the flight. I know I know, this sounds mean, but you must understand the disparity we all shared too board this plane.
The kind traveler smiles at me. Little did I know that he would prove to be a wonderful asset to me when I arrived at the Korean airport.
After much anticipation, we all board the flight with weary smiles.
I got seated in 4F, business class. It was spacious to say the least. I hadn’t made it to my seat, before they took my trench coat and hung it next to the other “important” coats. The leather was soft. The seat reclined in so many different combinations that all pointed to the same goal- relaxation.
There was a television set up with all my favorite HBO shows available for viewing and also several movies (The Dark Knight and Baby Mama among them). I was giddy with confusion, as I could not decide whether to watch Sex and The City or read about the Husband and His Sweethearts or just vibe to my iPod.
Although I’m a very classy woman, this was my first time in business class on an international flight. When the first meal was served, I had no clue which knife to use, or which fork. Fortunately, I am one of those women that is always blessed enough to be surrounded by someone intelligent and kind. The man next to me boarded with his wife and son. His wife was Thai and he was Caucasian. He helped me pull out the television screen when I had no clue where the button was. He helped me figure out how to turn the light on and off with his soft spoken directions. He would notice me struggling through my eyes, not my gestures, and simply do it for me. I looked to him to see which knife to use for what food. That man will never know what it meant to me for him to be next to me for the flight. He will never know the embarrassment he spared, the social knowledge he instilled…
As for the food, all I can say is this: Not all cocktail sauces are created equally, and the one on the plane was simply delectable. As were all of the served meals. The dessert was not spectacular at all, just ice cream with chocolate sauce.


I think as most everyone knows, I boarded a plane for South Korea on December 17, 2008. My reason for coming changed slightly, as the time passed, before I left for the trip. However, the core reason still remained and was also the source of my nervous excitement. Not butterflies, more like the nervousness that’s makes you want to privately vomit. Okay, I won’t lie, butterflies at some points, but for the most part, it was not a pleasant feeling. As I sat and waited in Atlanta to discover my fate (whether I would make it onto the plan or not), I engaged in conversation with various people with interesting stories to tell. Let’s see:

Random Woman with Sleeping Child:
She sits down by me, rushed and out of breath. “It is so hard to navigate through these airports with a stroller!”
I peek into the stroller to see a little angel’s chest going in and out, seemingly to some melodic beat that I’d never get to hear. Rosy cheeks and chubby little fingers that looked sticky. I smile to myself wondering what the mother had just been through, while the child’s hands were getting to their sticky state.
“Are the airports not very stroller-friendly?”
“They’re so big and the elevators are far and few in between.”I nod my head even though I have no clue about the locations of elevators in the airport (except the 2 right near the escalators). Perhaps this is what she meant lol.
The Military Black girl:
“I’m in the military, otherwise I would not be here.”
At this point, I’m not tired, so I accept her offer for asinine conversation.
“How come, you don’t like it there?”
“No, not enough black people,” She says and shakes her head.
Race was not a topic I intended to discuss at that moment, so I diverted to one of my favorites- food. “Do you have a favorite dish out there?”
She adamantly shakes her head no. “Some of the beef dishes are okay, but that’s about it for me.” I look at her and smile; she says, “I hope to see you on the flight,” as she leaves. They have allowed military persons to board first. I thought to respond with an, 'I hope to see you too,' but instead I just smile one of my bests... to her back..yeeaaa.
The two “Typicals” :
These two were particularly funny for me as they represented the typical movie portrayals of two overweight, young , white males that just love to have fun and get drunk. Characters from a National Lampoon, so to speak. Both had dark hair and little beer pudges, but were completely fine with it, completely unaware; All smiles, the entire two and a half hour wait- Reading magazines, listening to music.
“Duuuuude, we gotta get on this flight!” “It would suck to be stuck here.”
I smile at the sincerity in his voice and he notices. He says “Man, I just really have to make this flight. We got a party to get to!” This statement makes me smile even more as that would so be the reason for their rush. I also feel a kinship to them because I too am waiting on a seat that is vital to my well being.
“I look at him and say oh gosh I want to come!” Now, obviously, I did not care about the party they were attending, but I was bored, and great conversation always keeps me stimulated.
He says happily, “Sure, come on, the more the better, plus you’re hot!” This made me laugh but I turned away and put my nose back in my book Suddenly, I got a knot in my stomach as I realized where I was about to fly off to.
Rather, who I was about to fly off to.
Would we get along? Who knows, I ache to see him badly, but I am not over it. I still have so much pain and so much anger. The “cheating?” Yes, that too, but more so the “choice,” or rather , the lack there of. The fact that he told me “I choose you,” that for about two weeks he told me how I was the one he would want and then, just changed his mind. This was more hurtful than any “cheating” could have ever been. Cheating is expected from a man in his stage, unfortunately. You know the stage I’m referring to: “I’m a man but the boy in me still wants to play” stage. The stage where he is making that transition into who he truly is to become. Behaviour in this stage is erratic and at times careless, but when he’s a great man (and he is), the side that proves most successful and progressive for him is the side that will emerge as dominant. However, the latter situation cannot be passed off as simple boyish ways. Or maybe it can… I don’t think he understands the magnitude of the effect that his “decision” had on me, or perhaps just doesn’t care, but it gnaws at me relentlessly. The time out here has been so surreal, whimsical. Being close to him reminds me of Hubble (you S.A.T.C Lovvvahhss know what I mean lol). “Oh the way we were.” However, I must continuously wake myself up from this fantasy to remind myself that when “The Other” visits her affections received will be the same (or more). When one has to constantly question the authenticity of a moment, that special “something” is taken away from that moment. How do I know the things he is saying to me are not being said to her? Lord knows, he got an “A” in charm school, so it’s easy to fall but dangerous as well. I figured when I saw him that everything I’d been holding inside would flow sequatiously out of my mouth. It has not quite happened that way…
Anyway, back to the airport soiree (lol). My nerves are growing more jittery and palms more moist as I ponder the possibility that I might not make this flight. Obviously, I have to. I cannot let him down. I cannot let her down (lol you know she was mad), and I certainly cannot let the most important person of the equation down- myself.

The Update

Okay, I haven't written for a while and for good reason- L.I.F.E.! School has been hectic and, quite frankly, my mind is still in Seoul. I had a wonderful time. As most of you who follow know, I went out there to visit *. I began to write a long journal entry while there. An I warn you, I do mean LONG. in the following few posts, I will break down this long entry to make it easier and less lulling to read.

Friday, January 9, 2009