Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess Who's "Bizack" !

I know I know, I haven't posted in a while- for that, I apologize. However, in my defense, I have been studying for my final exams (so far in my classes I have one A and one B+ yay!) and.... Packing/Planning for SK!! Yes, I got in to university there!! Thus my darlings, my summer shall be spent in the stifling heat of Asia. I'm really excited about this opportunity and hope to make the most of it. And there's a treat in it for you. Per my receiving a grant from my school to assist with my travels, I will be keeping a blog about my experience!

Now, onto some random rants:

1. Got My hair braided in Cincinnati (I should have known that would be trouble) at Kine Braids. I've only gotten braids one other time and that was in Atlanta. Imported hair. $375. One hair braider on mi cabeza. Salon Tres Belle (the braids were beautiful. I got compliments for days. Lasted long. did NOT break my hair off). I was trying to be a good little budget girl and go a bit cheaper. Well ya get what ya pay for. Though everyone else likes it, I am not impressed nor pleased. I had high expectations. I showed her a picture, and the workmanship simply falls short of what I desired. Oh did I mention I already had to pay her AGAIN to touch up some braids on the top, and it hasn't even been a month? Yea, I had to pay for maintenance after 3 weeks! Such BS., but Selah, such is life when you try to be financially responsible. (:

2. Sprint is the WORST phone company ever. I've had so many issues with them, that I could trouble shoot your phone AND your billing issues. Their customer service associates are rude and frequently incompetent. This weekend, I spent 2 HOURS on the phone being passed from representative to representative that didn't know sprint had a Repair/Replace/Exchange program that was NOT through Assurion! I get pissed just thinking about it. In the end, of course, I got my way, but I had to tell THEM what their own program was. Even one of the supervisors didn't know. Sprint SUCKS! I have a $579 Blackberry that drops calls ALL OVER The city I reside in, but gets PERFECT service in South Korea... Ridiculous. Two particular streets that I have to drive down EVERYDAY- calls drop and break up every. single. time.! Again I say, Sprint SUCKS!. Verizon and ATT both get beautiful service there. When I call to complain and explain the issue, they tell me they will send someone to the street. They never do. They always forget to make notes on my account. They "update" my software (although I have the latest software...always) to "fix" the issue instead. Did I mention that Sprint was a horrible cellular service to have? They have cheap plans within the US... that's the ONLY positive thing I can say.

3. Someone help me pack, please?? I am trying to decide which shoes to keep and which ones to take. I enjoy all my loves though... ::sigh:: the painful decisions of being fashionable....