Friday, December 11, 2009

Sex My Mind- Is That Too Much to Ask?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell someone that you need them to go deeper. No, not in that sense get your mind out of the gutter. I mean deeper emotionally, spiritually, mentally. A favorite song of mine is by the artist Yuna- Deeper Conversation. The song is all about, that’s right you guessed it, deeper conversations. When you have a relationship where love is involved, how long can the relationship be sustained without conversation that plows through the surface and gets to the core? Personally, I like to be mind f*cked. If a man can’t slide my mental panties down, he has no hope of touching my tangible ones. I feel like many women have problems with men, because they don’t press them for deep conversation. Will they eventually get it? Sure, but it’s only after they’ve shared such an intimate piece of themselves with him. Then, they find out, the man is never someone they would have wanted to invite into their bed. Are females that demand a man to go deeper becoming a rare breed? I’d mainly like male opinions because most women will deny that a man can have superficial verbal intercourse with them and still get the cookie (ha). Men, how much convo do you usually give a young “lady” before you get any play? Does it depend on the girl? Also men, do you enjoy a girl who can blow your mind (yea, I know you liked that play on words ha!)? Let me know! <---Here is the song by Yuna. Enjoy.