Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Like The Way...

Lauryn Hill, love, your music tames my soul. Selah was always on repeat, but a friend of mine re-introduced me to her song with Carlos Santana and Cee-lo - Do You Like The Way...

Man, the beat, the vocals- I can't get enough. I'm Enchanted. Enthralled. Engrossed.

Lauryn Hill & Santana Live Performance

I provided a link to a live performance of the song. Listen and see things differently. Selah :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Hair Update

Okay, so I've totally become an organic ingredients junkie. I always loved organic food, but now I'm applying it to my hair, and I LOVE the results. Here are my top two recipes thus far.

Modified Edge Growth (but can be used for growth overall- thanks Laney for the base):
  • 2 oz Castor oil
  • ~5% sulfur (sublimed. for me this was about a teaspoon + 1 pinch)
  • Pure, organic coconut oil (about .5oz)
  • Few drops Tea Tree Oil (essential oil)
  • few drops Jojoba Oil (just to thin it out along with the CB oil)
  • A little Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
I only apply this one to my scalp because I don't like my hair TOO oily. Also, it can build-up so unless you shampoo at least once a week (preferably along with a co-wash) I wouldn't recommend using it. Also SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE before you use it. Sulfur settles.

Deep Conditioner (Protein and Moisture)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 spoonful mayonnaise
  • 3 spoonfuls of Honey
  • a little Pure Coconut Oil
  • a little EVOO
  • a little Castor Oil
I also added a little of the product Mega-Tek (a conditioner made for horse grooming- look it up, good ish).

I don't have a hooded dryer at home, so I placed a processing cap over my head for 35min, and then I placed a warm towel over the cap for like 20min (give or take a few minutes). I followed up with a moisturizing conditioner (no protein) My hair turned out wonderful (I'm natural)! Even my stylist noticed a difference, and I go to him weekly. Try it out ladies. :)

Anyway, just trying to share what's working for me thus far... all hair is different.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's Beauty in the Breakdown.... And in Letting Go

If you've read my blog for a long time, then you're very familiar with the title of this post. I just wanted to let you all know that I finally have let go. And all of those tiny pieces that were once jagged, painful shards have become  beautifully sewn back together. If you've been reading for a while then you also know that in 2008 I went through a trial that just completely made a muck of my mental... I mean it really was just f*ckery plain and simple. My heart was so broken, that I wasn't sure I ever wanted to feel anything again. One line that someone said, stayed in my head: "Be grateful when you feel great sadness. How can you know great joy if you don't understand pain?" I love her for that. I put my problem into perspective, and I began to rebuild myself. This will/might sound cheesy, but I sincerely couldn't have done it without my relationship with God. He's awesome and when no one else could understand he could... My 2 besties didn't hurt either (you ladies know who you are <3).

I'm proud of myself to say that every shred of memorabilia that I had of "The Other" aka. *.*.* is gone. I hold no malice. I wish her bluebirds in the spring...and all that other soft stuff (As long as she stays away from my… LoL, just kidding… maybe). :) Seriously though, I realized that despite the love that grew from that situation, I couldn't truly feel like the burden was lifted until I forgave her, him, and just let it go- I had to finally say Selah. I would think that I had previously, and things would happen, and I'd just know that I wasn't over it. At this point in time, I truly feel blessed to say my heart is filled with joy, love, but most of all peace. I am productive. I am confident. but most of all, I am Happy.  (Selah reached)

I guess this post is just a testament to that corny little anecdote that everyone hates to hear- Time heals all (time and love in this case). Also, some advice: sometimes the most beautiful, beneficial thing you can do is kiss that broken bridge and softly blow it away. If the connection is meant to remain the pieces will somehow come back together. Smile b*tches. :-D (you know after all that soft stuff, I had to throw that last line in. haha).

photo courtesy of Meowbie on images.tribe.net