Saturday, January 22, 2011

Self-inflicted Prison... Wrote This One a Few Weeks Ago...

My body is a cage
Constrained by limits of my own placing
If you could only feel with my same nerves the anticipation that comes with bracing
For the next restriction I'll thrash my spirit with
Savage I am, but aren't we all to ourselves?

I once thought love was the key to all happiness
Forgetting that if self love comes last, love is nothing but another subject to be concealed within Pandora's box.

I cry ya'll. Every night.

Despite the depths within the labyrinth of my mind, my many thoughts all come back to one.
With the grief of Athena, I focus all emotion there.
Wondering what would be if I never made that one slip
That distraction that turned my one attempt into addiction.

My only hope is self-freedom, but I can't get past the self-redemption... These bars... How do I bend them?

Constructive feedback welcome... just don't be a jerk because I'm good at being that too :-)