Monday, June 20, 2011

Distorted Worth - A Rough Draft

I'd love to say that you never hurt me, but that would bring me down to your level of deception. I never wanna stoop that low... But Ooo is that an erection?

You, see what I mean? Everything about you is built to lure me into a chasm of splendid f*ckery

Where I fall onto you, allowing you to fall into me, imparting inorganic emotions, left on the tip of your dick from the sticky drip of that last pathetic woman you were f*ckin'

See just thinkin' about that gets me angrily moist. Angry knowing you touched her, wet knowing I have to be better 'cuz you always come back to me...right?

I'm that ketchup stain on your favorite graphic tee. You try to rub me out, and yea I may fade from your memory sometimes, butt you still wear me with pride, knowing that no matter how noticeable I am, I'll always be your best look.

You've enchanted my sanity and I'm not sure of what its transformed to, but baby I know If you give us more time, I can transform you. I'm one of those poetic women. I look past what you are, into what you could be. 
Your potential is what pulls me. 
Damnit why don't you appreciate that you don't have to be that good to me? I'll take you with my dreamer's eyes and keep gazing into the future, while you presently diss me.

All those other girls, they need a MAN to Respect them. Me? I just need you and all your various imperfections. Disturbia at best is the only to describe this connection. 
The future progressive tense is the only chance I have making sense of "us":
He will be loving me...

Written for a friend who simply under-evaluates her worth, time and time again...